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How to Make Stampin' Up! Brooches

Brooches Class

Thursday, May 26th-Save the date!


I've been crafting beautiful Stampin' Up! brooches (pins) for quite some time and will be sharing some of my secrets with you for handmade, heartfelt brooches in this class.  These are wonderful accessories for tops, scarves, handbags, and more.  Make 2 brooches, one from fabric using our Big Shot dies and one from our Antique Brads.  If you know me, you have seen me frequently wearing  both types of Stampin' Up! pins. In this class, you will learn how to make Stampin' Up! pins for yourself.

Because of the need to order specialized supplies, you must reAntique Brads Heart Pingister for this class, with payment, by Monday, May 16th. Paypal button below.

Create 2 lovely brooches, one in soft fabric (pictured below) and one that is more like a piece of metal jewelry--the Antique Brads pin (shown at right).

These make fantastic gifts as well as the ultimate in handcrafted, one-of-a-kind accessories for your own wardrobe.  Strut your style and let your uniqueness show! 

$25 class fee includes:

  • All supplies to create 2 brooches
  • Hands on instruction during class
  • Written instructions so you can reproduce these pins
  • Creative fun at no additional cost!
  • Checks, cash, and credit cards accepted (paypal button below)

rsvp, with payment, due Monday, May 16th


I have not yet decided which type Stampin' Up! fabric brooch we will be making at the class.  I love both these pins and wear them often.  (They are basically the same size, but my photos are not, thus the size discrepancy.) I'll post photos of the one we will make in class once I make my decision and make a new brooch!  But at least you can see what I'm looking at for design inspiration:)

Purple Brooch Springtime vintage ldrshp brooch


Sign up today and learn how to make  Stampin' Up! pins, unique and stylish accessories and be on your way to handmade, heartfelt fashion pieces for yourself and others!